I don't know if Animals are really planned right now, but I would like to see them implemented. They would be separate from regular monster spawns and escalations, as well as being a source for in game resources.

They could even be used with the same mechanics that generate nodes. The equivalent harvesting node might spawn 1-3 animals, while a gathering node might spawn an entire pack of animals in an area. If they are farmed too much, they will die out, or move to a different hex.


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    There has been some mentions of beast taming/handling in the past. But nothing official. So I'd like to make this post, in the hopes that it might be!

    I'd like the ability to tame beast's, be it wolves, horses or giant spiders. Depending on the animal, its size and stats it could be used for a number of different purposes. Mount, guard, escort. You name it! Now I don't want you to confuse this with the rangers animal companion. What I am talking about is much closer to the beast taming in mortal online.

    Where you had to go out in the world and find animals to tame. But to do so, you had to focus on the taming skill. What this meant is that while you might have been a weakling in combat, you could make up for this, by eventually be escorted by 1-3 attack hounds, which would do your fighting for you.

    It was also a good way to make gold as the tamers were the only source a player could get a mount from. You could then also level each animal up in different ways, making a horse faster or a wolf stronger in combat and so on.

    A final feature I LOVED. Was the fact that the animals were a constant in the world, unless you placed them in a stable in the city. This meant there was no magical mounts appearing out of nowhere. You had to be careful of where you decided to park your mount, both to assure no one would get any funny ideas about killing it (or stealing it if it wasn't very loyal to you) and you'd have a quick escape if things turned bad.

    In one specific moment, I was being chased down by two players, I opened up the pet command menu and called for my horse. Soon enough I saw it in the distance coming right for me, to my rescue.

    Mortal had a lot of issues, but this was one feature I really love and would gladly welcome into PFO.

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    1. Comment

      Sounds like a wonderful addition. Though I believe it should be limited to animals and a few animal like magical beasts. Griffons/Hippogriffs at the highest levels perhaps. Lets keep dragons and such as major events needing player cooperation to see to.

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      1. Comment

        I agree. I will certainly settle for a manticore or a dinosaur at the more epic levels. If only because they are mighty beasts, where as Dragons are sentient creatures. Which is how I feel they should be treated. Its another thing which bothered me in WoW. In the neatherdrake quest line they made it clear that this was a partnership, you had to earn the right to ride on their backs.

        Then of course it never speaks to you again and it follows you around like a pack mule. Worse yet some you just find in chests and they follow you without a word! It takes away from the epicness of the creature.

    2. Comment

      One dream I'd have is to tame a rust monster! I bet that would scare the common bandit right off!

    3. Comment
      Nolondil Leafrunner

      Voted yes, but that's the kind of stuff that won't happen anyway until GW got the IA right for rangers and druids pets.

    4. Comment

      I like ideas *like* this though I can live without this exact idea. Like in EQ, Enchanters could dire charm any monster (up to a certain level) and use it as a pet until it dies, or the enchanter leaves. Or in WoW, hunters being able to tame any animal and use it as a permanent pet. That *type* of thing, I like. It's just cool.

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      1. Comment

        Certainly! I am not saying we should copy Mortal. It was just a fairly good example of someone doing a very advanced/fun beast handling mechanic. Though I would still like for mounts to come from other players.

    5. Comment
      Community Member

      I like the idea of animals put to useful work:-

      1. Guard dogs/wolves to sniff intruders/patrol.

      2. Different types of animal beast of burden either mount, hauling, working fields

      3. trained attack animals in combat I suppose?

      4. Even livestock for food and atmophere?

    6. Comment

      Beast taming would be a great addition to Pathfinder online since in the PnP Pathfinder you can purchase many types of domestic animals for mounts, work animals, and guard dogs. This should require a player to invest skill into a "Handle Animal" skill with the ability to get access to certain commands at certain skill levels. They could also have handle animal be part of the class requirements for gaining ranger or druid levels, and with those levels be able to get an "Animal Companion" ability that would allow them to be able to tame a few types of wild animals.

  2. Comment
    Community Member

    Yes a movable feast of resources as well as providing atmosphere and diversity for the River Kingdoms. We already have wolves.

    Again skill-training, would trapping, stalking (again for rangers) this required to capture these elusive and hardy animals in a world full of predation and dangers.

  3. Comment

    I would love to see work put in to develop animal companions (for ranger and druids) and familiars (for wizards and sorcerers).

    For those classes their respective NPC is an important part of the identity. For rangers, it is so iconic it is hard to find a game where such a character doesnt have one.

    Not only that but it can lead to things like animal husbandry and taming.

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      I don't think we need to put in requests for features that are already definitely planned.

    2. Comment

      The idea isnt to request features that are already planned, but to give the devs an idea of if this is something they should look into doing sooner rather than later.

      So while yes, its planned, but could it be an EE goal instead of a OE goal?

  4. Comment

    Great idea that this could follow the resource node overutilization schema. It would be away to show diversity and give room for some future skill-set growth (such as Druids and Rangers). Both aggro and non-agro wildlife should be considered. It would increase immersion as well with maybe a small amount of coding?

    I do enjoy games like early Skyrim where I could spend 15 minutes hunting down that buck I shot with my bow across the river...

  5. Comment
    Alain Raymond

    The only problem I have with this idea is the amount of animations that would need to be done for animals. Time consuming stuff. I'd rather have animation time devoted to new classes or weapons, to be honest. But were it not for that, I'd be game.

  6. Comment
    Cheatle ( Idea Submitter )

    I agree with you Alain, this is an idea for when they grow their staff more. Although, if they were able to give us Graphic Design/Animation tools, then I think there would be people in the community willing to devote time to this project.

  7. Comment

    Animals,... lots of potential for... lots of things.

    If the investment and commitment is there (and doesn't disrupt the balance significantly nor require too much development investment) then this would be a feature that could easily encourage fence sitters to jump on board. Lotsa people love this kinda customisation (and fluff) as it adds a special bit of recognition (not e-peen, but a visible form of recognition) to who they are. That would be meaningful for them, their friends and enemies.

    I do think that there should be significant investment required to achieve something like this (so not everyone is running around with dire bears and the like) and that they be rare skills that may not necessarily contribute to combat (although that may be a little tough.) I am open to other implementations but once again, keeping things minimalist for now with a possibility of improving them in the future if they are under-powered or plain useless.

    This feature could also be useful for a source of quests and other interactions.

  8. Comment

    I think domesticated animals makes a lot of sense. Consider Farmer and Herder skills, having to establish related points of interest, and then the animals as a source of materials for crafting. It makes much more sense for wool and hides to come from domesticated animals, than it does for them to come from piles of trash scattered about the countryside. Similarly, it makes sense for raiders to run off with those resources, or even rustle the domesticated animals. Then, of course, there can be hunting of wild animals.

  9. Comment

    I'd love to see harvesting nodes for pelts look like animals...at the very least. As it is right now, killing critters isn't how you get pelts...it's by digging through trash piles that also give you coal or iron or etc. Plants have specific nodes as do minerals...why not critter parts?

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