Player-editable books

A system that will allow players to write and distribute their own books. Like the system in EQ2.


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    They had a similar feature in Tibia and I must say I sincerely miss it. I rarely RPed on that game but even so I often used it to write down important information and once even wrote down a threat and put the book down on the ground to the entrance of a cave, I intended to use to farm.

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    Looks like a good extra way to Rp a bard or wizard.

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    I love this feature. Quit a few MMO's have it. AC, UO off the top of my head. Always thought it a pity that Everquest did not have this. I am pretty sure that Shroud of the Avatar is going to imtplement something like this: players can submit stories and then when they are ok-ed, they can be created as a single item, or even multiples so that others can buy them.

    What I would like even more is simply being able to buy a piece of parchment, scribble something on it as in Tibia and being able to leave it somewhere. No doubt the griefers and immature folks will ruin such a feature in a month, but we can hope.

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    I think we should try to find a way to make this feature usefull for Sieges, the Settlement game, PvP somehow, then the chance will be bigger that it gets implemented.

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    One problem is the "how to assure that they fit the local Pathfinder Lore" in creating player-written texts. I would love to see the land peppered with old language texts, ancient "untouched" grimoires in dungeons, etc - but I feel that there would need to be a review and approval process for this to maintain story and immersion aspects. This might require GW additional resources (or maybe a group of PF players)?

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      I don't think so. I don't mind coming across random nonsense as that kind of feel real. I was going to grab the first good piece of paper I found and see what sense it made to demonstrate this point. But it turned out to be a Miss Thelin's phone number.... I have no idea who that is!

      I don't feel random scraps of paper need to make sense or even fit in the lore. Heck I've written a few stories about the PFO universe and their nowhere near lore accurate, because their written from the point of view of someone with a agenda. Doesn't make it good or bad, just a zealot glorifying his own believes.

      I do think there should be a rating system though, so actual writers who do put some effort into their work can better stand out amongst the trash novels.

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    Deacon Wulf

    Adding this into the game is just another tool by which to enhance RP and character conception.

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    Can anyone suggest a good way to use this that doesn't end up with it being used to harass, grief, distribute porn to minors or in some other way cause more problems in game then its worth?

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      Deacon Wulf

      The same can be said for Chat Logs, Signs, or any other media in the world. Prohibiting something because there is a possible threat is what destroys innovation. Just because someone out there maybe has the possibility to do something bad, it not just cause for stopping something.

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    I support the idea as it adds meaning and provides a mechanism to record historical narratives of the in-game trials and tribulations.

    As to _how_ to implement it in a positive way, look at the "Frontiers" method. They have crowdforged 100s of books, scrolls, scraps of paper. Some level of community involvement could be leveraged to "sanitise" or flag appropriate content. This could then be fed to the goblins and the final decision would rest with them.

    Another way would be to crowdforge every book on a forum, have the community rate them and then the goblins can choose from a selection of the top 10 every month.

    Books add so much from so many different perspectives and would not take a lot of overhead from GW if a suitable process could be found.

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      I like the idea of having a way for players to flag potentially inappropriate content. This way they could bring the flagged items up for review to determine if the item violates any of game rules.

      I'm against the idea of having to do the books on a forum with only the most popular being added since I think it would be cool to see players roleplaying as bards writing bits of in game history as it takes place.

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    It is a sweet and naive way to add RP into the world, but this would be used and abused SO badly by @$$-holes.

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    I hope to see a poll for player-edible books one time.

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    I would love to have player written books, and possibly to a lesser extent be able to write physical notes in the game. This could also allow for spells like Exploding Runes to have a place in the game.

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    Community Member

    The idea has lots of positives, but also some issues which would need to be worked out. Various arguments about inappropriate communication in this form would also apply to various chat features that the game will surely have... and could thus fall under the same policy.

    My concern with this idea would be more along the lines of 'litter'. Over time these objects could build up in the game world and be taking up a considerable amount of system resources. This really applies to anything which can be 'dropped' and then persist in the game world. You might be able to resolve it by having the 'books' disappear after from the environment after a certain amount of time... but then they become less useful as long term clues and notices. Notes which have been lost from the world could randomly show up as loot from monsters, but then they might be in an area completely unrelated to the intended subject of the note. Et cetera.

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      The easiest way to have something like this implemented is to have it where when a player chooses to publish a new book, or write a note in the game it would create an xml file (or other similar file type) that contains the contents of the book or note. then the in game item would just be an instance of the base item that is linked to the xml file for the individual book. Make it so that the books or notes do not remain as static physical objects in the world, but can remain in a players inventory, or other type of inventories like chests, bookshelves, banks, etc...

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