dyeing clothing

1: alchemical dye as optional crafting ingredient allowing crafter to select colour(s) on certain items (clothing, shields, light armor, etc).

2: allowing crafters to use dye to change colour(s) on existing items


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    Deacon Wulf

    Completely for anything regarding character customization.

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    This sounds viable, fun and certainly fitting for a crafter-driven item economy. I have no idea if this is possible with the sort of armor-graphics they use, they seem really detailed, but hopefully it is possible to change aspects of it without everything turning green or orange. :)

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    This has some very limited utility for PvP/PvE. However, the concept of overcloaks and weapon/armor concealing outfits would be better.

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    It may have "limited utility", but people really like being to make their character look a certain way and that includes their colors. Would suck to get a great suit of armor, but its stuck being puke green for example.

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    I would love to see what the dye recipes would look like, I really enjoy searching for items for stuff like this.

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    I think dyes are essential long term to help add variety and allow people to develop signature looks but I don't think this is a necessity during EE. I would rate this a very low priority.

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    foxglove/randomwalker ( Idea Submitter )

    @neo_terran: the main point is not to have it implemented at start of EE, but that the design(*) right now takes into account that we want this option added.

    (*) Game design/coding of art, not clothing design.

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    foxglove/randomwalker ( Idea Submitter )

    Being, I whether that is one or two skill trees, I'd love different colors to have at least different kinds of ingredients.

    Say bright blue comes from mountains (cobalt), bright purple from water (murex snails), bright white from crater fields (titanium), and red/orange/green/brown from croplands and forests (roots, berries, barks).

    That said, even if dyes initially only come from cash shop, that's fine by me for now - that means all the tech is in place and mainly needs a business decision to be set free.

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    One of my favorite features from DAOC!

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    I started the work for this one, but it got delayed. Many of the steps are working on the tech side, but there's a bit more to work out. Sadly, other stuff got bumped to higher priority before I finished.

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