Terrain as impediment or boon

I've proposed this once on PFO forums, but it never hurts to repeat.

Any decent MMO have complex nechanic to determine speed and direction of such movement on slopes. So why not to add some movement coefficient linked to textures (soft earth for reduced speed, paved road for enhanced speed) and vegetation (bushes, high grass)? This will heighten immersion and move combat decisions to new level.


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    As there are rules for movement through various terrains in Pathfinder tabletop, it would be nice to see this in PFO as well.

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    I think its a rather trivial thing to waste time on at this stage so I am going to vote down. But I want to note that I like the idea. But I feel time could be better spent elsewhere.

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    Daklas of Forgeholm ( Idea Submitter )

    :) This trivial thing will enable: meaningful trailblazing, people really using the roads, ambush form the bush, rangers' love for woods and fighters' love for open plains. Yes, this is trivial thing, but it opens so much possibilities...

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    Yes. It makes placement and footing important in maneuvering and in combat. This would add so much to combat immersion and detail.

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    Community Member

    Personally think this is essential to increase the feeling of density of the world map instead of a flat plane 360 degrees choice.

    But the only problem is productivity due to speed if say mountain hexes are slower then their development will be slower than a flood plain.

    It may be a form of skill-training and experience gained operating in different terrains perhaps or equipment variable eg lighter armed/armoured to be able to modify speed in mountains eg? Best idea so far imho.

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    My druid will Pass Without Trace to this happily. :)

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    Terrain passability should be by structure, not by arbitrary buffs and debuffs applied, it creates too much inconsistency with character movements and server communication. The other problem is that in a competitive MMO setting if some character can overcome the terrain limitations movement becomes an incredible advantage, this can create a lot of unwanted side effects. If it can be overcome everyone will train for it as it's a huge boon, if it's too expensive for all but those maxing the role, then it will barely have any effect in game but cost overhead anyways.

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    Daklas of Forgeholm ( Idea Submitter )

    Actually, I have nothing against integrating certain terrain markers (already done by art team) into the structure of the game. And druids will be still inefficient moving through the mountains or marsh. And monks with all their feather steps will have difficultiies in the jungle. And mountains are harsh to both of them. Anyone can learn and sloth 2-3 utility abilities in your utility bar - but every one utility ability slotted means one combat/gathering/crafting ability not slotted. This is more about proper skill design than about my proposal.

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    Shane Gifford

    As long as the areas are clear and not too small, I'd be okay with this. It can move from intriguing mechanic to frustration quickly if it isn't done well though.

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    To quote myself from the boards:

    I love the idea of major roads providing the greatest movement speeds. I also like the idea of different terrain types impacting movement speeds differently. This mechanic opens up skill & spell possibilities to mitigate it, as well, e.g. Woodland Stride.

    A suggestion for improving the stamina system:

    * Walking is 1x speed, regains stamina normally

    * Hustling is 1.5x speed, consumes stamina at the same rate as stamina regens.

    * Running is 2x speed, consumes stamina at a much higher rate.

    I think this would open up a lot more potential tactical and strategic options in both combat and overland movement. It would also provide several options for augments via skills, both in reducing stamina costs and boosting stamina regen rates.

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    This idea, I really like, in terms of impediment, and it really lends more support for having to build roads.

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    David Bugg

    Yep, my main thought is that it gives a real reason for actually using roads and adding to the sense of immersion. And the heavier the road is travelled, the less likely bandit activity is to be successful.

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    Community Member

    So if my group is going to "adventure" (raid) in the mountains, we all slot mountainwalking. When we go to the wetlands, we slot swampwalking... these feats are well and fine for a tabletop/PnP game but I'm not sure about how fun it would be in this system.

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